ATMPros Chapter guidance for filing annual IRS 990 return

Non-Profit tax filing deadline is the 15th day of the 5th month following your fiscal year end.  For most non-profits, that is May 15th.

All non-profits are required to file an annual tax return
on form 990 and failure to do so for three years will cause a forfeiture of non-profit tax status.  There are a few versions including an EZ paper form and an online "Postcard" for non-profits that "normally" gross less $50,000 per year.

Link to IRS page for small, exempt organizations, click here

Link to  IRS PDF User Guide for the e-postcard filing system, click here

Click here for a list of the Eight items you will need in order to file

Click here for the e-postcard filing system when you are ready to file

Note:  This is how taxes should be filed by everyone instead of the bizare paper system used today.  It generally takes longer to find the link and the password you used last year than it does to file.
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